Cape Malay Cooking Class

General Information

The Cape Malay people of South Africa are a vibrant and colourful community, with firm roots in family traditions, religion and social activities. As with many homes, the mother is the backbone of the household, and the food is an integral part of it all. Come join our resident Cape Malay Cooking extraordinaire as she teaches you the art of making the perfect family meal, from scratch. Learn how to make a good hearty chicken curry with the right amount of spices, to samosas wrapped by your hands. Some other delectable treats are the spicy chilli bites, sambles to accompany the curry and the sweet dessert known as ‘Koesisters’. Enjoy the ambience of cooking in our hostess’ kitchen and get to meet her family, but please be respectful to their religion, as there is no alcohol allowed in a Muslim home.

Experience Information

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

2 - 3 Hours

Pre Booked Only

As Per Booking

From R595 per person
Excluding transfers or tour

Fitness Level
Moderately Active to Active
Must be able to bend knees

Please note:
No wheelchair or assisted access available


Cultural Immersion
Hands on Cooking Class
Meal prepared by all involved and then enjoyed together
Toilet Facilities Available

What to know

Bring along warm clothes as the weather can change
Bring along a camera, Go-Pro to take photos, it must have a safety strap
Bring along sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat
Take comfortable shoes for walking

Please note:
Persons allergic to any spicy food, dairy, nuts or any other related illnesses are urged not to attempt this activity