Cheetah Outreach Programme

General Information

The fastest mammal on earth reaching a speed of 100km/h, taking a whopping four 9meter long strides per second, that is some serious stats to consider when looking at the Cheetah. And with the Sub-Saharan Cheetahs iconic tear lines down their faces, sleek aerodynamic body shape and big eyes, this beautiful creature is currently in Vulnerable status due to many factors causing their decline in numbers. This is where the Cheetah Outreach Programme came to the ‘rescue’ and started breeding the Anatolian Shepard Dog which are given to farmers to protect the livestock against this non-confrontational animal. This programme has also urged livestock farmers to stop laying traps or poison and in turn saved many other predatory species like the Caracal, Serval Cat, Jackal and Bat Eared Fox from suffering the same fate. Join the team at Cheetah Outreach and learn more about these amazing animals. Certain times of the year, Cheetah cubs are also available for encounters.

Experience Information

Strand, Western Cape

10 - 20 Minutes per encouter depending on animal

All Day
09h00 - 17h00


From R150 per person, per encounter
Excluding transfers or tour

Fitness Level
Moderately Active to Active
Must be able to bend knees

Please note:
No wheelchair or assisted access available


Informative Guided Tour
Self Guided Walk Through the public area to view the different animals
Encounters are with experienced handlers and guides only
Encounters are only performed if the animals allow
No sedation or restraining of the cats takes place

What to know

Bring along warm clothes as the weather can change
Bring along a camera, Go-Pro to take photos, it must have a safety strap
Bring along sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat
Take comfortable shoes for walking

Please note:
Persons suffering from fear of animals, dust allergies or any other related illnesses are urged not to attempt this activity