Sidecar Adventures

General Information

From a short two-hour experience to a full day trip along the peninsula, doing it in a sidecar makes the experience unforgettable. With space for two along with the driver, this one of a kind activity is a great way to see the Cape no matter which direction you heading. The bikes used are decommissioned military bikes from the Peoples Liberation Army of China, used between the 1950’s – 1970’s, known as the CJ750, based on the old German BMW R71.

Experience Information

Cape Town

From 2 Hours

Dependant on Booking

Daily, weather permitting

From R1900 per sidecar
Excluding transfers or tour

Fitness Level
Moderately Active to Active
Must be able to bend knees

Please note:
Wheelchair Friendly


Sidecar with Driver
Space for 2 Passengers
Complimentary Bandana
Retro Leather Jacket

What to know

Bring along warm clothes as the weather can change
Bring along a camera, Go-Pro to take photos, it must have a safety strap
Bring along sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat
Take comfortable shoes for walking

Please note:
Persons suffering from fear of motorbikes, dust allergies or any other related illnesses are urged not to attempt this activity